20,000 km, 18 countries: All aboard the Delhi to London bus

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ArtikelDigital.com, These last few months have been more than frustrating for globetrotters with countless closed borders, making it impossible to satisfy one’s wanderlust.

But if all goes well in 2021, you could make up for lost time by boarding what is already being called the longest bus route in the world.

Indian tour operator Adventures Overland plans to take travelers 20,000 km on a dedicated bus, which will cross no fewer than 18 countries in 70 days, to reach London. The car will then depart in the other direction.

Based on the same principle as the tourist buses that allow visitors to visit different monuments of a capital city by getting on and off at different stops (hop on/hop off), this extremely long-distance bus will also offer its passengers the opportunity to visit Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Nepal, Burma, China, or Thailand, among other destinations.

And it must be noted that this is not a new means of locomotion for backpackers looking for the best cheap travel deals. The bus will be equipped with every comfort, comparable to the standards of four- or five-star hotels, to accommodate a wealthy clientele.

However unusual it may be, this long journey is not the first of its kind. Back in 1957, a bus already ran between London and Calcutta, India, with 20 passengers on board. The passengers then only had to pay… £85 pounds for the trip, or about €95.

Tickets for the new journey are priced at INR 15 lakhs per person (or about US$20,190.73), though other prices will be available for different portions of the route.